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Music:  Jason Howland
Lyrics:  Nathan Tysen
Libretto:  Kait Kerrigan & Rachel Axler
Orchestrations and Arrangements:  Jason Howland
Additional Orchestrations:  Kim Scharnberg
Additional Arrangements:  Billy Jay Stein
Streaming Dates: 
September 1 - 30, 2021

A Killer Party is presented in cooperation with Music Theater International (MTI)

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Ticket Hotline:  1-866-967-8167
Hours of Operation:  9AM - 9PM PST


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When Varthur McArthur, the artistic director of a failing theater in Duluth, invites his troupe of disgruntled actors and collaborators to the first read of an "immersive murder mystery dinner party," no one knew that he would be the victim. Or did they? Enter the eager, determined, and untested Detective Case. After sequestering the guests into separate rooms (because, you know, social-distancing), she gets down to finding out whodunnit, uncovering secret affairs, life-long grudges, backstage drama, and a lot of musical theater song and dance. Sifting through lies and red herrings and a truly baffling murder mystery script left by the deceased, Case vows to find the truth and secure her future as a great detective.

Production Crew

Producer:  Deborah Aue

Director:  Denny Connors

Assistant Director:  Ashley Blevins

Vocal Director:  Melanie Aue

Choreographer:  Spencer Genrich


Nick Brown - Varthur McArthur

Chelsea Seeley - Justine Case

Ashley Blevins - Clarke Staples

Sam Ramirez - Shea Crescendo

Lara Keathley - Vivika Orsonwelles

Rob Douglas - George Murderer

Amy Parenteau - Lily Wright

Bryan Aue - Cameron MitchellJohn

Melanie Aue - Joan McArthur

Nick Whittaker - Jeremy Jordan

Annie Mann - Detective Case

Amanda Aue - Ensemble

Erik Clark - Ensemble


Dylan Hart - Carl / Ensemble


N'Jeri Nicholson - Shea's Best Friend / Ensemble


Josie Stec - Ensemble


Mo Thomas - Ensemble

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