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October 24, 25, 2022

Time:  7:00 pm


October 27, 2022

Time:  7:00 pm



2nd St. Performing Arts Center

1123 2nd. St, Wyandotte, MI 48192

Show Dates:  Show dates: February 10, 11, 12, 17, 18 & 19, 2023

The Downriver Actors Guild is holding auditions for Be More Chill The Musical on Monday, October 24 and Tuesday, October 25, 2022 at 7:00 pm. Callbacks will be held on Thursday, October 27, 2022 at 7:00 pm. Auditions will be held at the 2nd Street Performing Arts Center, 1123 2nd Street, Wyandotte, MI 48192.

Interested performers are required to preregister for their audition by clicking on the audition form below. Auditions are by appointment only. Once you complete the audition form you will be directed to the online booking form. Please schedule your audition appointment. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your audition to check in with the producer.

The Downriver Actors Guild is committed to the continued growth and learning of diversity, equity, and inclusion. DAG casting teams and its directors are working to be intentional in addressing their implicit bias. We are striving to be inclusive of all diverse actors including race, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic status, body type, and ability. We recognize that many of these characters are written on the binary and gender non-conforming, genderqueer, transgender, and non-binary actors should be encouraged to submit for the roles they most identify with.

Audition requirements:

  • Ages 13 - 19 at the time of auditions.

  • Vocal auditions are required for all. Individuals auditioning for a particular role must sing the vocal selection for that character. No exceptions will be made. Individuals auditioning for ensemble may choose a song from the vocal selections below.


  • Dance auditions are required for all. You will be provided time to learn the dance prior to auditioning. The routine will be broken down and reviewed prior to you being asked to perform for the casting committee.


  • Readings will be performed at callbacks. If you do not receive a callback that does not mean you have not been cast in the show. The casting committee is only reading certain roles at callbacks. 


Show dates: February 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 2023


Directed by Bryan Aue


Produced by Val Compau


Assistant Directed by Cortney Markham


Vocal Directed by Chelsea Rize


Choreographed by N’Jeri Nicholson


Everyone cast in Be More Chill will be expected to commit volunteer hours with the 2nd Street Performing Arts Center in order to make the production possible. You may begin earning your required volunteer hours prior to auditions at any time. See Bryan Aue for details on logging volunteer hours until further notice.

BE MORE CHILL THE MUSICAL  is presented through special arrangement with Concord Theatricals.

All authorized performance materials are also supplied by Concord Theatricals.

Vocal Audition

Please sing a song from the list provided below. If you are auditioning for a specific character, please make sure to sing that character’s song. If you are auditioning for more than one role or ensemble you may choose whichever song from the list you’d like. 


Sheet music is attached with the specific excerpts. 


There are also karaoke tracks provided--- these are what you’ll be singing along to at auditions so make sure to practice!


Additionally, I have listed what the cut of the original song is  on Spotify so you can practice the original before moving on to karaoke. 


More Than Survive




I Love Play Rehearsal





The Squip Song





Michael in the Bathroom




Be More Chill





The Smartphone Hour




Character Breakdown:


Jeremy Heere - Sincere, self-obsessed, awkward Every dorky 80s movie protagonist rolled into one. He’s pretty average, completely unremarkable and yet- the world of the story revolves around him. He strives for popularity and feels resentment over his parent’s divorce. Jeremy regularly expresses how he’s head over heels in love with Christine, a girl he’s never talked to. G2-A4 Tenor

Michael Mell - Considerate, unique, loyal Unlike any other character in this play, Michael not only understands who he is- but also celebrates it. He has an endearing presence with effortless comic timing. Michael is a fan of the 80s, music from before he was born and pop culture. He proudly identifies as a stoner. C3-A4 (B4 once) Tenor

Christine Canigula - Sweet, kooky, introvert Christine is a diehard theatre kid and through the male gaze of Jeremy, the perfect girl-next-door. Performing on stage is the platform on which Christine can express her inner confidence. She expels excitable energy within the rehearsal room and connects with people who she feels understands who she is inside. G3-D5 Alto

Rich Goranski - Dangerous, tense & desperate Rich is regarded with fear. His notoriety is earned through carefully considered behaviour linked to emotional abuse at the hand of someone close to him. He is unable to be who he truly is. Please note that Rich’s physicality should appear as if he’s a rock star without consequence. B2-A4 (also rock falsetto) Tenor

Brooke Lohst - Insecure, controlled, trapped Brooke’s self-worth comes from the way she feels others view her. She is referred to as ‘The second hottest girl in school’. Brooke believes in this so faithfully, that she rarely sees herself in a positive light. She regularly seeks approval of her best friend Chloe, who uses this against Brooke. Eb4-C5 Soprano

Chloe Valentine - Popular, vapid, merciless Chloe uses her power over others as a tool to get what she wants. While her goals are often selfish, she has keen observational skills and high emotional intelligence. Please note that while Chloe is spoken about as the ‘hottest girl’ in school, this should mainly be reflected in her confidence and the way others treat her.  Eb4-C5 Soprano

Jenna Rolan - Eager, gossipy, extrovert Jenna views friendships as a transaction. She trades the ‘honour’ of talking with the popular girls by collecting and sharing everyone’s secrets. She’s deeply insecure and extremely outgoing. Please note, Jenna must have strong comic timing. B3-D5 Mezzo-Soprano

Jake Dillinger - Likable, easy-going, dim Jake is from a wealthy, emotionally absent family. He is both popular and (against ‘jock’ stereotype) treats his peers as equals. His skills on the sports field are not matched by his results in the classroom. Please note that the actor playing Jake must appear to be reasonably worthy of his athletic accomplishments and the adoration of the female student body. D3-Gb4 (Bb4 once) Tenor

THE SQUIP - Genderless, dispassionate, chill The SQUIP is a holographic manifestation of a computer chip lodged into Jeremy’s brain. Most notably confident, calm & collected at all times, they take the form of Keanu Reeves. Please note: unlike Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors, The SQUIP does not have their own agenda. A3-Ab4 Tenor

Mr Heere (Jeremy’s Dad) - Never wears pants Mr Heere is struggling with his somewhat recent divorce. When he can get away with it, he works from home, un-showered. Mr Heere is yet to realize he is the only parent concerned for Jeremy’s wellbeing. He is a lovable doofus. Bb2-G4 Baritone

Scary Stock Person - Intimidating cameo character role Strikes a deal with main characters under suspicious circumstances.

Mr/Mrs Reyes Male - Eccentric, naïve, bitter A cliché high school drama teacher, mostly unaware of student drama.

Ensemble - Ensemble work for this production is busy, with multiple major choreographed numbers and multiple opportunities to showcase devised character moments. Aside from key principal characters, all cast will be required to learn all musical numbers and be prepared to sing side stage if required.