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Bye Bye Birdie is presented through special arrangement with Concord Theatricals. All authorized performance materials are also supplied by Concord.

BBB Cast List

The year is 1958, and the much-adored rock-and-roll idol -- Conrad Birdie -- has been drafted into the US army. His songwriter and agent, Albert, and Albert’s secretary and some-time girlfirend, Rosie, hatch a plan for a farewell performance to take place on The Ed Sullivan Show, which they hope will help sell Birdie’s new song “One Last Kiss,” and ultimately save Almaelou records from going under. To cap off the performance, Birdie will actually give ‘one last kiss’ to Kim MacAfee, an avid member of the Conrad Birdie fan club from Sweet Apple, Ohio.

When Albert and Rosie head to Sweet Apple to prepare for Birdie’s arrival, things start to unravel. Kim’s father is starstruck at the thought of being on The Ed Sullivan Show with his daughter, and Kim’s new steady, Hugo gets jealous at the thought of Kim kissing Conrad on national television.

The Downriver Actors Guild is committed to the continued growth and learning of diversity, equity, and inclusion. DAG casting teams and its directors are working to be intentional in addressing their implicit bias. We are striving to be inclusive of all diverse actors including race, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic status, body type, and ability. We recognize that many of these characters are written on the binary and gender non-conforming, genderqueer, transgender, and non-binary actors should be encouraged to submit for the roles they most identify with.



ALBERT PETERSON – Young man in early thirties, President of Almaelou Music Corp. (Range: (opt. F2) Bb2-Gb4)
ROSE ALVAREZ – Feisty young woman in early thirties, Albert's secretary. Principal dancer and singer (Range: (opt. F3) Gb3-C5)
CONRAD BIRDIE – Rock star and teen idol (Range: Ab2-Gb4)
MRS. MAE PETERSON – Albert's mother, the quintessential "Mama"
MR. HARRY MACAFEE – Father of Kim and Randolph (Range: C3-E4)
MRS. DORIS MACAFEE – Mother of Kim and Randolph (Range: Bb3-F5)
KIM MACAFEE – 15 years old, determined and self-possessed (Range: G3-Ab5)
RANDOLPH MACAFEE – Kim's younger brother (Range: D3-D4)
HUGO PEABODY – Kim's "steady," nerdy but sincere
URSULA MERKLE – A hyper-enthusiastic friend and neighbor of Kim's (Range: D4-F5)
GLORIA RASPUTIN – A broad, tap-dancing "secretary." Mae's choice to replace Rosie


DEBORAH SUE – Sweet Apple teenager. Teen chorus (Range: D4-F5)
MARGIE – Teen chorus. Speaks Act I, Scene 5; Act I, Scene 7 (Range: D4-F5)
ALICE – Sweet Apple teenager and Mayor's daughter. Teen chorus
HARVEY JOHNSON – Teen chorus. Speaks Act I, Scene 2 (Range: D3-F#4)
HELEN – Teenage singer (non-speaking)
NANCY – Teen chorus. Speaks Act I, Scene 5
PENELOPE – voice; Act I, Scene 5; Act II, Scene 7
SUZIE (non-speaking)
KARL (non-speaking)
FREDDIE (non-speaking)
ONE GIRL - Teen girls chorus. Speaks Act I, Scene 4


BARTENDER (Charles F. Maude) – Proprietor/bartender of 'Maude's Roadside Retreat," member of Male Quartet
MAYOR – Of Sweet Apple, Ohio
MAYOR'S WIFE (Edna) – Member of Quartette in Act I, Scene 9
MRS. MERKLE – Ursula's mother
MR. JOHNSON – Harvey's father
CONRAD'S GUITAR MAN (non-speaking)
POLICEMAN – In New York train station. Speaks Act I, Scene 4
SECOND REPORTER (non-speaking cameraman)
TRAVELER – Part of crowd in New York train station. Speaks Act I, Scene 4 only
TRAINMAN – Voice; Act I, Scene 4

From the Chorus (non-speaking)

2 SAD GIRLS – Dancers
TRAVELERS – Adult Chorus
TRAIN STATION PERSONNEL – Baggage handlers, etc.
POLICEMEN - Several, in New York and Ohio

  • Stage Manager

  • 4 Stagehands

  • 2 Audio Men

  • 2 Wardrobe Women

DISHWASHER – At Maude's. Male Quartet; speaks Act II, Scene 4
FIRST CUSTOMER – At Maude's. Male Quartet; speaks Act II, Scene 4
SECOND CUSTOMER – At Maude's. Male Quartet; speaks Act II, Scene 4

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Audition Dates are Monday April 15 & Tuesday April 16. To register for auditions you must complete the Audition Form and sign up for an audition time slot. If cast, the first rehearsal is Sunday April 21 at 6:00 PM. A dance video will be posted as we get closer to the audition dates. You will sing your song selection and perform the dance at auditions. You will only read for a part if called back. Callbacks are on Thursday April 18th at 7:00 PM. Auditions are restricted for 12 and above (except for those auditioning for Randolph). Performances are August 9-11, and 16-18.

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