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Making A Difference In Our Community

Downriver Actors Guild produces twelve productions a year ranging from family productions to youth, teen, and adult theater.  The group established Avenue A-Capella, the only a-capella group in the area.  Downriver Actors Guild also opened Downriver Dance Academy to promote dance education in the community.

Downriver Actors Guild has grown from a local theater to an all encompassing performing arts and education center of excellence.  Integrating the arts in our communities enriches each of us.  It brings people together, fosters community, and makes the community well rounded and stronger.  This is only accomplished through the support of Downriver Actors Guild's membership and donors.  


If you would like to help support Downriver Actors Guild and the arts in our community, please click on the button below.  All donations are tax deductible, and you will be giving your community the opportunity to learn, experience, and enjoy all the things the arts have to offer.  Thank you!!