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Who are we: We are 2nd St. Sound! We are a group of people who just love to sing, and we create music that everyone can enjoy with just our voices! Do you like rock? We do that. Do you like pop? We do that, too. Country? Singer/Songwriter? Pieces from musical theater? We do all of that! 


We are a relatively new a cappella group and we are interested in performing as much as we can. If you need an awesome performance at your office party, wedding, or street fair event, contact us! Watch a video below of a sample of something we put together when we couldn't be together to rehearse. 


Stay tuned to our Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok pages to get updates and see us in rehearsal! With any luck, we'll see you in person at our next show!

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Contact Us

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Amanda Aue

Amanda is thrilled to be a part of 2nd St. Sound. She has been with this group since it first started 5 years ago, when she heard about a new singing group that was starting up she knew something special was in the works. Over the years, both good friendships and good music have filled her heart. Music has always been a part of her life as her whole family are singers, some of them even in this group. Amanda feels so incredibly lucky to be able continue to sing with this amazingly talented group of people.

Amy Parenteau

Amy is the shortest member of the group and usually sings the highest. She’s a "superfan" of The Office and is a terrible swimmer.

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Bryan Aue

Bryan has been with 2nd St. Sound from the beginning. He is a middle school science teacher who loves his family, music, and the stage! He is the president of 2nd St. Sound and also the executive producer for DAG's podcast The Curtain Call. When not singing, performing, or producing the podcast, Bryan really loves to....... well there really isn't time for much else.

Chelsea Seeley

Chelsea is the choir director at Woodhaven High School. She loves reading, thunderstorms, fires, bullet journaling, and is a Hufflepuff!

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Cortney Markham

Cortney is a Hufflepuff, Virgo, and incredibly ready to sing every single day. Even if the days became a chore, this group would be what kept her going. She can't wait to share the music with you!

Gabriel  Thomas

Gabriel is the youngest member of the group.  He has lived in Flat Rock for most of his life. He's short, funny, and a great singer! He loves his beautiful girlfriend and daughter.

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Gerald Hymer

Gerald Hymer is currently the Director of Vocal Music at Wyandotte Public Schools, and is also the Co-Director of the Wyandotte Academy Youth Choir. Basically music is all he really knows how to do. When he is not singing or teaching, you can find him spending countless hours on his PC, playing Magic the Gathering with his friends, spending quality time with his partner Brie and their cat Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Matt Van Houten

Matt sings the low notes. He's a dog dad, Hufflepuff, and enjoys long walks on the beach.

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Melanie Aue

Melanie has been so happy to serve as the Music Director. She has been a part of the group since it's inception and is truly amazed by how far they've come. When she's not working on music, Melanie loves reading, snuggling her pups, and being a Hufflepuff! She cannot believe that she is friends with THE former Downriver child star, Sam Ramirez. When words fail, music speaks.

Rachel Duncan

Rachel is the proud mom of 2 girls and a proud Hufflepuff. She grew up in Livonia and has been singing and performing since she was little. Besides constantly singing, her hobbies include: crafting, cooking, and baking with her kids. She is currently working as a server and bartender in Wyandotte. She is also a major advocate for the mental health community and is working towards her long-term goal of opening a community resource center for the Downriver and Detroit communities. She says this group has helped her immensely as an outlet to help keep her sanity as a working mom. She is greatly looking forward to future performances with the group.

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Sarah Mancos

Sarah is an English Language Arts teacher at Wagar Middle School. She loves cats, gardening, reading, and binging TV shows. Her Hogwarts House is Ravenclaw, and Belle is her favorite Disney princess because she’s the only one who is brunette and bookish.

Tamara  Marla

Tamara is a proud mom, Slytherin,  and private music instructor. Some of her favorite pastimes include shopping, watching Korean dramas, and doing home projects.

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