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Loveville High is produced in special arrangement with David Zellnik and Eric Svejcar.

Book & Lyrics: David Zellnik

Music: Eric Svejcar


August 13 - 30, 2021


Streaming Event



From the Broadway writing team of David Zellnik and Eric Svejcar comes this NEW musical Loveville High. The story of a prom told from the perspectives of 13 different teens. Everyone remembers their prom. The excitement, friends, that special someone, and every moment of that magical night. Loveville High takes the audience through an emotional journey. Everyone will find themselves in these characters. Come experience a heartwarming, funny, and touching evening with characters we all know or knew from high school.

Loveville High is a brand new musical that originally launched as a nine episode podcast. Downriver Actors Guild has received the rights to take this amazing piece of theater and bring it to the screen. This is the first time the production has been performed outside of the podcast. You don't want to miss this exclusive event.

Production Crew

Director: Bryan Aue

Assistant Director: Grace Ray

Vocal Director: Kyle Harwood

Choreographer: Kayla Harwood

Production Manager: Kaitlyn Cross


Amelia Ford - Jane

Tyler Zolynsky - Johnny

Duncan McCardell - Jendrix

Tyler Frazier - Cory

Elaina Primeau - Chasity

Matt Smith - Zeke

Gabriel Thomas - Kyle

Courtney Perttula - Amanda

Sammy Gharbia - Noah

Khalia Mims - Wanda

Cortney Markham - Madison

Rory Ave-Lallemant - Seth

Leslie Miller - Katrina

Grace Ray - Mean Girl 1

Cordelia Krajewski - Mean Girl 2

Grace Harper - Featured Dancer

Doug McClure - Troy

Norah Aue - Young Jane

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