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Produced in cooperation with Samuel French, Inc, New York, NY

By:  Doug Stone


April 11, 12, 13, 14, 2019


Thursday performance 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm
Friday and Saturday performances at 7:30 pm. 
Sunday performances at 3:00 pm.


Catherine A. Daly Theater on the Avenue
2656 Biddle Ave.
Wyandotte, MI 48192


Sealed For Freshness Interview

John from the Podbros Network invited the cast and direcing team into the studio to discuss their upcoming show, Sealed for Freshness.  Find out about the show, how the cast is preparing for this raucous comedy, and even what it's like to be on stage for the first time.  Click on the the logo or here to meet this talented group of ladies, and to get a first hand look at Sealed for Freshness.

Downriver Actors Guild would like to thank John and Podbros for inviting us to their studio.  Make sure you check out the content at the Podbros site.  Podbros is your one stop shop for entertainment, news, and and business.  They not only cover topics in the Metro-Detroit area, but many from around the world. Podbros covers local events, helps charities and non-profits, and educates people on how to listen to podcasts.


Doug Stone has set his play in 1968 during the heyday of Tupperware parties. Hostess Bonnie invites a group of neighbors over for a party. The guest list: perky, rich Jean, Jean's cranky and very pregnant sister Sinclair, ditzy-blonde Tracy Ann, and new neighbor Diane, who's made quite a career selling Tupperware, but at the expense of her marriage.

The mix of personalities and the number of martinis consumed lead to a great deal of absurd high jinks plus revelations of an equal number of secrets and insecurities.

Production Crew

Producer:  Anita Ganzak

Director:  Liza Altenburg

Assistant Director:  Jema McCardell​


Bonnie Kapica - Anita Ganzak

Richard Kapica - Chuck Ingram

Jean Pawlicki - Kelly Lomas

Tracy Ann McClain - Taeryn McCardell

Sinclair Benevente - Amanda Bates

Diane Whettlaufer - Kathy Bedikian

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